Yen Ospina


Self Taught Artist

Queer | Latinx

Furniture Enthusiast

Yen Ospina is a Queer Colombian-American self-taught artist and illustrator depicting her own interpretation of folk and art nouveau. Through earth tone colors, ornamental layouts, and meticulous detail, the work challenges viewers to delve beyond aesthetic allure and allow mysticism to guide their interpretation.

Yen Ospina’s work is influenced by years of exposing herself to antique art (such as Gustav Klimt & Alphonse Mucha), furniture,

and literature.

In addition to creating gallery pieces, Yen is a local muralist

(click here to see her murals)

Virtual Galleries

Community Arts Partnership


State of The Art Gallery


Select Clients

  • Tonina

  • Y La Bamba

  • Ithaca Hummus

  • Ithaca’s Pop Up Roller Disco

  • The Op Shop – Rochester

Handwork Ithaca Artisan Cooperative

Mimi’s Attic

Brookton’s Market

Awards & Press

See my article in the Ithaca Times

See my article in the Ithaca Times